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Glenhaven Care

Best Value Retirement Centre's in Pretoria East

Why Choose Glenhaven Care

Glenhaven was one of the first retirement centres in South Africa to combine the three categories of facilities for the elderly, namely Independent Living within the Retirement Centre, Assisted Living and Frail Care. An Alzheimer's and Dementia unit has subsequently been added. The cottages can either be rented or bought on a 'Life Right' basis. The flats are available for rental and there is a service centre providing meals and other services to the aged inside, and outside of, Glenhaven.

CEBACWAS also provides the management services to Haven Village Retirement Centre - an upmarket retirement village in the east of Pretoria. The main aim of CEBACWAS is to provide holistic care, i.e. spiritual, physical and emotional care, in a comfortable, safe and affordable environment.

We are a non-profit organisation, which means that any donations are tax deductible and will be used for the Good Samaritan Fund to care for needy residents.

Apply to Glenhaven or Haven Village and have your name added to our waiting list for when you're ready to take the next step in your retirement!
  • Christian Based
  • Affordable
  • Experienced
  • Specialised Frail Care
  • Alzheimer Care
  • Independent Living
  • Assisted Living
  • Two Retirement Centres
  • Good Location
  • Established since 1985

Glenhaven Care | Frail Care

Due to a high demand for frail care we expanded our frail care centre in 2005 and is now providing care for 60 frail residents. We cater for your physically or mentally frail loved one. Am advantage of our facility is that we have an open visiting hours policy. Family and friends are crucial for the well-being of the frail and elderly.

We are also able to love and care for your elderly mother or father as well as another family member whilst you are out of town on a short break (ask for the respite care option). At our frail care facility, we are dedicated to helping residents achieve and maintain healthy lives and restoring health and wellness to optimum attainable levels.

  • Holistic care that caters for all activities of daily living for a frail elderly person
  • On-site Doctors consulting room with consultations twice weekly
  • Cleaning and laundry services also included in our prices
  • Weekly visits from our on-site Chaplain for emotional care and support
  • Physiotherapy and other medical professional service providers (at residents own cost)
  • Hairdresser, barber and beautician services also available (at residents own cost)
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Dementia | Alzheimer Unit

Our Grace Unit specializes in Dementia care such as Alzheimer disease, Primary progressive aphasia etc. Our approach in caring for your dementia loved one starts with the optimum resident and carer ratio. Our success recipe for our Grace unit includes: a separate wing in a safe and secure environment for our residents and their families that visits, a resident stimulation program and a lot of love. Whether your loved one experiences onset or advanced Dementia symptoms, we at Glenhaven can assist.

  • Medical care including weekly doctor’s visits if needed
  • On-site doctor's consulting room
  • Holistic care including the ordering and administration of medications
  • A stimulation programme specifically designed to evoke memories and retain skills
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Retirement Centres

Glenhaven has two retirement centre ideally situated in the east of Pretoria. Both centres are situated close to amenities such as medical clinics, pharmacies, shopping centres & more.


Glenhaven offers affordable accommodation in the East of Pretoria. Our high quality yet affordable housing facilities includes one, two or three bedroom cottages. We also have a variety of flats to rent, that are ideal for the single elderly citizen. Our Cottages are sold on a Life rights basis, and we aim to maintain a non-profit ethos. Our inexpensive Life Rights model is considered one of the most competitive and beneficial towards the person purchasing a very affordable life right in East of Pretoria.

  • 24-hour security with effective access control
  • Panic button system
  • Internal safety communication system
  • Doctor’s consulting rooms
  • On-site clinic
  • Podiatrist
  • Audiologist
  • Internet Access

Haven Village

Haven Village Retirement Centre offers safe, secure and affordable accommodation in the East of Pretoria. Our beautiful cottages at Haven Village include one, two or three bedroom cottages. There are also bachelor flats to rent which are ideal for the single, elderly citizen. Haven Village resident also have the peace of mind that when they need frail care, they will be cared for in the Glenhaven Care Unit. A weekly clinic is offered at Haven Village with qualified medical personnel in attendance. Cottages are sold on the basis of Life Rights.

  • 24-hour security with effective access control
  • Panic button system
  • Internal safety communication system
  • Swimming Pool
  • Free Internet Access
  • Internet Access
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Caring for the people you care about most

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